Anonymous asked:
This person is steeling your poems + removing your name from them. He is posting them on twitter. His account on twitter: @bxjv And on tumblr: x69o

Thanks for letting me know x

Anonymous asked:
Where do you get your inspiration from to write these?


Anonymous asked:
What do you think is worse than being in love with someone (in feelings i mean)

Getting emotionally attached to someone

They fell in love with their hearts and minds
they fell in love with their eyes closed.

- n3r
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So touchable!!! ❤️❤️ mashallah!

Thank you❤️

Anonymous asked:
Your kiss was once sweet like coconut, Your arms were as warm as summer and Your eyes shined like diamonds. But now your kiss is as bitter as alcohol, your arms as cold as winter, and your eyes are now a pitch black hole waiting for me to be sucked in and never be seen again.