A message from Anonymous
Is that you on the pic?


A message from xangiexo
love your poetry! xo

Im glad xx

A message from wxhgee
you're really good, I hope I can be good as you one day

You can be better than me

"Once you’re in love there’s no going back
cause love is like a cigarette, it damages your lungs
but once you smoke it you can never quit it,
I became the smoker, he’s my cigarette and our
love is the damage, but I got addicted."
A message from ttiffy
wow your writings are so beautiful! keep it going :)

Thank you ttiffy 

A message from 86ar-mghrz
I never gave a comment but I gotta say bravo !! 👏🌹

Thank youu xx

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Ever been in love?

We all did

A message from Anonymous
Your the definition of an artist

That’s flattering 

A message from floraldoc
Your poetry is awesome! Have you ever considered using them as song lyrics? You're so talented!

I never thought about it, thank youu